Eating disorders/disordered eating

  • Do you feel like food dominates your life?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost touch with how to eat normally?
  • Are you using behaviours to control your weight that are affecting your physical and psychological health?
  • Do you feel like you’ve lost control?

Eating disorders manifest in different ways making each person’s experience unique. Working at your own pace and within your comfort zone, Aleeza’s knowledge and techniques can help you regain a healthy, balanced relationship with food and improved physical and psychological wellbeing. Aleeza works with adolescents and adults as well as their families to help and support their loved one.
In addition to individual consultations at your own pace, Aleeza offers several treatment packages for Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and Weight Loss. Please see the ‘Individual Treatment Packages’ tab under the ‘Services’ page

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Weight management

  • Are you unhappy with your weight?
  • Do you feel like all the diets you’ve tried have either failed or that you’ve lost some weight but regained it all?
  • Do you hear/read a lot of conflicting information and just want to make sense of it all?

Aleeza’s approach to weight loss is unique. It looks not only at what you are eating but why you are eating and her strategies and techniques will support you to not only lose weight but to keep it off. Aleeza will devise a weight management programme tailored to your lifestyle and individual needs and will teach you the skills you need to manage your weight forever whilst ensuring balanced nutrition, flexibility, affordability and enjoyment.
In addition to individual consultations Aleeza offers the ‘Losers are Winners’ treatment package. Please see more information on this under the ‘Individual Treatment Packages’ tab on the ‘Services’ page

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Bariatric surgery/weight loss surgery

  • Is your weight affecting your physical and mental wellbeing and quality of life?
  • Do you feel like you’ve exhausted all options and are thinking about having weight loss surgery?
  • Have you had weight loss surgery and are struggling with weight regain?

Whether you’re thinking about surgery or have already had surgery Aleeza can help you every step of the way. If you’re thinking of having surgery Aleeza can help prepare you, psychologically and nutritionally to ensure a safe surgery and optimise your weight loss outcomes. Her post-graduate dissertation researched the causes of weight regain after surgery and she uses this knowledge to empower people to adopt strategies to facilitate maximum weight loss results that are sustainable in the long-term. She will also monitor your nutritional status to prevent any deficiencies and support you in adjusting your intake to prevent any unpleasant symptoms following surgery ensuring you continue to enjoy food.

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360-degree nutrition health check

  • Do you feel tired, sluggish and just not feeling your best?
  • Are you at risk of developing a chronic condition like diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure?
  • Do you want the reassurance of knowing you are following a balanced diet and that you are not deficient of any nutrients or consuming others in excess?

A balanced diet can reduce your risk of developing chronic health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and some types of cancer. Aleeza will do an in-depth analysis of your current diet to ensure you are following a healthy balanced diet, identify any deficiencies and support you to make positive changes to help keep you in tip top health.

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Other specialisms:

  • General healthy eating
  • Food and mood
  • Elevated cholesterol & heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Gastrointestinal conditions

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