Individual Treatment Packages

For Anorexia Nervosa

1. ‘Nutrition Insights’: An 8-week educational package designed specifically for those who are concerned about their eating disorder but not yet ready to make any behavioural or weight changes.
Topics include: effects of weight loss on metabolism; physical, psychological and behavioural effects of under-nutrition; understanding your own daily calorie requirements; body composition; factors that affect the number on the scale and meal planning/food portions.
If you’re not ready to make any behavioural changes now this is a first-step towards recovery
2. ‘Body Image’ Module: A complete approach to dealing with body image issues. If you’re constantly worrying about and criticising your appearance this comprehensive 10-week programme is designed for you. After completing the programme you will look at yourself in a whole new light!
3. ‘Discover to recover’: A 20-week programme which is based on the Maudsley approach to treating Anorexia Nervosa which not only gives you the insight into why your eating disorder developed and what is maintaining it but also takes you on a journey of self-discovery to better physical and psychological wellbeing

For Bulimia Nervosa/Binge Eating Disorder

‘The ABC programme’: Awareness, Balance and Control: A 12-week treatment programme designed to help you regain control of your eating and your weight. This programme will help you gain awareness of your own personal binge triggers; balance your blood sugars to prevent hunger binges and help you regain control of your life

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For Weight-loss:

‘Losers are winners’:  The ultimate 12-week weight loss programme which includes:
-An in-depth analysis of your current dietary intake
-A tailor-made flexible weight loss plan
-Savvy strategies to tackle cravings, non-hungry eating & emotional eating
-Recipe adjustment masterclass to ensure you are still able to enjoy the food you love by cutting the calories not the taste
-Food label interpretation masterclass: Make informed purchasing decisions to maximise your weight loss whilst enjoying a balanced, flexible and affordable diet

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