Private Consultations

Whether you’re overweight or underweight or just looking for a bit of extra guidance and support, a nutrition consultation may be all it takes to help you achieve your goals.

I offer private consultations in either Harley Street, Marylebone or in Finchley. I am also able to offer telephone/Skype appointments if preferred.

Private practice locations:
127 Harley Street Marylebone W1G 6AZ - View Map
and Precision Wellbeing 5 Castle Mews London N12 9EH - View Map

My philosophy: a uniquely balanced approach

Every person is at a different stage in their journey. Some will be ready to make immediate changes and others may need education and support to help motivate them to make behavioural changes. Whatever stage you’re at I can help you to create realistic goals and develop a customised programme to ensure you achieve them.

My approach includes:

  • Understanding your hopes, fears and goals
  • Working at your own pace and within your comfort zone
  • Developing an individualised programme to meet your unique needs
  • Partnering with you to overcome any obstacles
  • Working collaboratively with you and your treatment team to optimise treatment outcomes

What I don’t do:

  • I don’t give you a generic meal plan and expect you to follow it
  • I don’t just tell you what you should be eating
  • I don’t judge
  • You don’t need to buy expensive shakes, bars or powders
  • You won’t be told to ‘cut out’ any foods

What to expect?

The Initial appointment (50 minutes) will include:

  • A thorough assessment
  • Nutrition education-scientifically based and translated into practical advice
  • Initial goal setting
  • Personalised treatment plan

During this appointment, you will be asked questions about your medical history, weight history, lifestyle habits, current symptoms, usual food choices, eating patterns and eating behaviours. This will enable me to assess your current nutritional status and comfort level for behavioural change. Based on your individual needs I will develop a personalised treatment plan to support you to achieve your goals. I will also discuss how many sessions you might require to meet your goals and whether a referral to another health professional is recommended.

Follow-up appointments (50 minutes):

During follow-up consultations, your progress will be assessed and the treatment programme will be adjusted to overcome any obstacles you encounter to support you to achieve your goals.

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