I have suffered from Anorexia nervosa my whole life with varying degrees of intensity. With a full time corporate job, young children and stressful personal circumstances I relapsed to the point of my work threatening to sign me off sick. They recommended I see you and I honestly didn’t think that a dietitian could do anything for me. I have seen so many dietitians in the past and didn’t find them helpful. You were different. I found our sessions to be more like therapy that was motivating, uplifting and made me see the bigger picture. It made me focus on my long term best interests, how I deal with stress and what sort of role model I want to be for my children. I managed to avoid being signed off from work, am maintaining a reasonable weight and am feeding my body and mind so that I can function at work and look after my family. I will continue to practice the strategies you taught me to stay on track. I am hopeful that I can avoid another relapse but if I struggle I’ll be sure to contact you.

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