I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes which gave me a wake-up call. As a typical middle aged man I was overweight, eating an unhealthy diet and not looking after myself. I read a book on how to drop weight quickly by restricting calories to 800 calories a day and cutting out carbohydrates and decided to give it a try. Well it worked as it promised but with consequences. I dropped 20 kg very quickly but was living on eggs, tuna, shakes, soup and vegetables. I began to feel dizzy, get headaches and couldn’t concentrate. I had no energy to get through the day and started cravings sweets and carby foods and began bingeing on them. A concerned friend suggested I see you which was a real eye opener. I even brought my wife to our sessions. You explained how the body works and what happens when you starve yourself and how this not only causes unpleasant physical symptoms but also causes weight cycling and ultimately affects metabolism. I’m now on a more balanced diet, feel much stronger, have more energy and the binges have stopped. I don’t feel deprived and am able to eat out again socially. I am also maintaining a healthy weight in a healthy sustainable way.

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