I was becoming extremely concerned about my 15 year old daughter who was the biggest in her class and her self esteem began to suffer. I wasn’t sure who to turn to as I didn’t want to make a big thing out of it. Luckily you came highly recommended and from the moment we met I knew my daughter would be in safe hands. You handled the situation with such sensitivity and made the sessions fun with a focus on education and just making better choices while keeping the balance and allowing some treats too. The focus wasn’t on the scale or on feeling guilty and greedy which is what I feared but rather on healthy growth and development and feeding the mind. After only 8 sessions my daughter is making better food choices of her own accord which has had a ripple effect on our family and her friends in a positive way. She feels so much better about herself and her body and is a much happier child. Thank you from a very grateful and happy mum!

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