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I came to you thinking that the only thing that could help me lose weight was surgery. I have been overweight most of my life and I was just fed up. I’ve tried so many diets over the years and although they worked when I was on them I regained all the weight and more as soon as I stopped. You explained why this happens and how fad diets affect one’s metabolism and increase the risk of cravings and bingeing, something I was struggling with. I found our sessions really insightful and who would have thought that the small changes I made would result in a weight loss of 15kg 9 months later-no surgery necessary! I feel like I eat well, still allow myself treats on occasions and my cravings and binges have stopped. My cholesterol and glucose have improved and I feel so much better about myself and can fit into my old clothes. I still have a bit to lose so that I can get to a healthy BMI but am confident that with your support I can achieve it.

I never thought I would ever have an eating disorder but when I lost my job whilst staying in a foreign country things fell apart for me and I developed bulimia. I was in denial in the beginning and pretended to everyone that everything was ok but the bingeing got worse and so did the restriction which followed and the cycle just got worse and worse. I didn’t like how I looked, how I felt or who I was. I was in a really bad way. I was so grateful to have found Aleeza and although we’ve never met face to face our virtual calls were my lifeline. You gave me the structure that I needed to get my life on track again both with my eating and also in general. You helped me learn how to stop the binge-purge cycle by eating regular meals of foods that were safe; how to delay binges and use distraction techniques when I felt the urge. I needed to stop buying binge foods and to avoid being alone at home and you helped me to practically implement this. Whilst writing this I realise how much progress I have made- the binges have stopped and I’ve lost the weight so I feel so much better about how I look. I feel more in control with my eating and take care in planning my meals and snacks. I still treat myself but in appropriate and safe ways and I still keep my food and mood diary which helps to keep me on track. I am now applying for a new job and feel more hopeful about my future. Thank you for everything you have done for me!

I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes which gave me a wake-up call. As a typical middle aged man I was overweight, eating an unhealthy diet and not looking after myself. I read a book on how to drop weight quickly by restricting calories to 800 calories a day and cutting out carbohydrates and decided to give it a try. Well it worked as it promised but with consequences. I dropped 20 kg very quickly but was living on eggs, tuna, shakes, soup and vegetables. I began to feel dizzy, get headaches and couldn’t concentrate. I had no energy to get through the day and started cravings sweets and carby foods and began bingeing on them. A concerned friend suggested I see you which was a real eye opener. I even brought my wife to our sessions. You explained how the body works and what happens when you starve yourself and how this not only causes unpleasant physical symptoms but also causes weight cycling and ultimately affects metabolism. I’m now on a more balanced diet, feel much stronger, have more energy and the binges have stopped. I don’t feel deprived and am able to eat out again socially. I am also maintaining a healthy weight in a healthy sustainable way.

I have suffered from Anorexia nervosa my whole life with varying degrees of intensity. With a full time corporate job, young children and stressful personal circumstances I relapsed to the point of my work threatening to sign me off sick. They recommended I see you and I honestly didn’t think that a dietitian could do anything for me. I have seen so many dietitians in the past and didn’t find them helpful. You were different. I found our sessions to be more like therapy that was motivating, uplifting and made me see the bigger picture. It made me focus on my long term best interests, how I deal with stress and what sort of role model I want to be for my children. I managed to avoid being signed off from work, am maintaining a reasonable weight and am feeding my body and mind so that I can function at work and look after my family. I will continue to practice the strategies you taught me to stay on track. I am hopeful that I can avoid another relapse but if I struggle I’ll be sure to contact you.

I came to you after regaining all my weight back after weight loss surgery. I was in a terrible place and feeling like a total failure. I realise now that I went into surgery thinking that it would do all the work for me and that I didn’t need to change anything. If only I had met you before the first surgery I wouldn’t have needed the second. Nevertheless, thanks to you, I was physically and mentally prepared for the second surgery which has been a remarkable success. I’ve lost 30kg and feel like a different person: lighter, happier, more confident and pain-free and our regular sessions help to keep me on track. This time I will be keeping the weight off!

My daughter was diagnosed with an anxiety related eating disorder that caused her to lose a significant amount of weight in a short space of time and to develop a fear of food. She was forced to stop work and became very depressed. You swiftly intervened and liaised with her GP, made sure she was placed on the correct medication and had nutritional supplements prescribed as she wasn’t able to manage proper food. Five months later we are in a much better place thanks to you and her therapist. She has regained all the lost weight, is eating proper food again and has developed skills to manage the anxiety. She is now back at work and thriving. As I have already done I am recommending you to everyone I know who may benefit from your help. Thank you so much!

Aleeza, if only I had met you years ago I could have avoided years of agonising fad diets! I have been overweight my whole life and tried every possible diet around only to gain even more weight than I lost. Ultimately this led to me developing binge eating and my weight spiralled out of control. You are the first person who has taught me how to eat in a way where I don’t feel deprived, never feel hungry, have more energy, better mood and most importantly I haven’t binged in 8 months and am well on my way to achieving my target weight. You’re so much more than a dietitian and I learn so much about myself in my sessions. You have taught me how to cope with difficult feelings without resorting to comfort eating. I feel so much better about myself, my body and my future and it’s all thanks to you!

I was becoming extremely concerned about my 15 year old daughter who was the biggest in her class and her self esteem began to suffer. I wasn’t sure who to turn to as I didn’t want to make a big thing out of it. Luckily you came highly recommended and from the moment we met I knew my daughter would be in safe hands. You handled the situation with such sensitivity and made the sessions fun with a focus on education and just making better choices while keeping the balance and allowing some treats too. The focus wasn’t on the scale or on feeling guilty and greedy which is what I feared but rather on healthy growth and development and feeding the mind. After only 8 sessions my daughter is making better food choices of her own accord which has had a ripple effect on our family and her friends in a positive way. She feels so much better about herself and her body and is a much happier child. Thank you from a very grateful and happy mum!

Aleeza, I cannot thank you enough for helping my daughter prevent another admission and getting her on the road to recovery so that she could start university. After several admissions over the past 8 years we were heading for another admission but thanks to your nutritional therapy, motivational and practical support we are in a much better place now. My daughter is now able to prepare meals for herself and eat out with friends. She is also maintaining a much healthier weight which is reflected in her physical wellbeing, mood and performance at university. We will both be eternally grateful for everything you have done for us.

Aleeza’s approach and attitude towards her work is just amazing. So focused, dedicated and passionate. She really listened and provided me with realistic and manageable goals.  Just 2 months on and I’m already feeling like a new person! – Thanks Aleeza!

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